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Cool R n’ B tunes by Rickie Lee Jones drift outa the speakers.  I love her music and have caught Rickie play live many times.

Getting stuff together ready in my kitchen to follow simple instructions written out by my Mum on a scrap of, now food stained, paper for the recipe to her famous and distinctive chocolate cake.  Well, it’s famous within family and friends.
My mind drifts back to a time when the aroma’s of her home baked cooking would waft through our house when my brother & I were just kids.

My Mum passed on a few years back which left me realising how she had probably shaped the person I am today.  For better or worse 🙂

I came out of college working for the General Post Office (who remembers them!) training as a telecoms engineer.  BT came along and they ‘got’ privatised after I had been there 10 years and that was the time for me to assess which future roads I was to take.

I befriended a guy I worked closely with at BT, both of us sharing a passion for music.   became interested in a vegetarian diet which led me to nutrition, health, the environment, animal welfare and ultimately how our food has been grown and treated and processed since the end of WW2.

I live in, what is for me, the music city of England.  Manchester.  I’ve travelled a lot but always ‘lived’ in Manchester.

These days I work online.  It gives me flexibility, freedom of choice, freedom of stress free daily commuting, freedom of when to start and stop and a job satisfaction not usually possible to get from regular employment.  I’ve been ‘self employed’ most of my life which, admittedly, has had it’s ups and downs.  This is life. 🙂

I Have a Passion for Healthy Living and the World of Organic Food.Thoroughly Enjoying The Network Marketing World. Feeling Empowered. I Have a Passion for Healthy Living and the World of Organic Food.
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